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About - Nooga Pets

About offers best in class owner tools empower you to list your parking spaces for hourly, monthly, event rentals – or a combination of each. We’re here to help you maximize the potential of your parking assets with a selling plan that works best for you.

As technology continues to advance, more and more drivers are booking parking before they pull up to the garage to save time circling the block for a spot.

Get occupancy data that lets you strategically adjust your rates based on demand, maximizing revenue per stall. Leverage us as your bridge to connected car technology through partnerships powered by our mobility platform. Instantly make your locations visible to millions of customers who are already searching online for a place to park.

Make it as easy as possible for new customers to reserve and pay for parking at your locations (and do it over and over again).

Oh, we also need to mention –– we are proudly from Boston, Massachusetts.


Online Reservations + Valet Attendant Tools = End-to-End Valet Parking Experience  deliver a seamless, stress-free valet parking experience from start to finish. Customers can reserve valet parking in advance to make their experience better while you take care of the rest. Customers are able to enter their destination to view conveniently-located parking facilities. Customers can book and pay for their spot from their smartphone or computer. 


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Our History is an e-parking service that allows users to book parking spaces before reaching their destinations. We are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Boston, MA, USA

(617) 697-3876

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